Water Damage Restoration, Repair and Clean Up

Water Damage from Washing Machine Line Break

Water Damage from Washing Machine Line Break

Call 405.701.0064 if you have water damage in your home or business and you need water damage restoration. RGP is the dedicated experts at fixing your water damage and restoring your home or business to its original condition, or better. Our motto is ‘Building the Future, Restoring the Past’ and that is exactly what we do for clients that have suffered from water damage to their structure. Whether you have experienced water damage due to a washing machine line break, a dishwasher malfunction, a sink plumbing line in your bathroom or kitchen, or a fire that had to be extinguished, RGP is the restoration company that can help you get your property back to normal. You can trust the restoration experts at RGP to get your property back to its original condition and to act quickly so your home doesn’t experience mold damage.

Who Needs Water Damage Restoration

Broken pipes, rising water, flooded basements, and storm damage. Any number of things can cause water damage to your home or your commercial business location. At RGP, we have flood and water damage repair and restoration specialists ready to respond to both commercial and residential water damage within minutes of your call. Our staff is trained to clean up the water, preserve the integrity of your building or home, and secure and restore your belongings. Do you have seemingly minor water damage from a leaking pipe, backed up sewer or broken sprinkler line? We will take care of that too and make sure that mold will not grow as a result. Because of the possibility of mold growth very soon after you experience water damage, it is vitally important that you call an expert water damage restoration company like RGP as soon as possible from when the damage occurs. We will pump out the water, dehumidify the structure and your property, remove any odors, and ensure that your property is completely restored from water damage.

What You Can Expect When a Flood or Other Water Damage Strikes:

Within minutes of your call, RGP Restoration specialists’ team of experts are dispatched to address your problem. Once on scene, they use state-of-the-art water extraction equipment to remove the excess water. Immediately after the water level has subsided, dehumidification begins. This process is critical to preventing the growth of mold. Special cleaning agents are used to inhibit mold growth as well. While your structure is drying out, RGP Restoration staff are hard at work ensuring that your belongings are receiving the same treatment. We can even handle delicate items like oriental rugs. RGP Restoration provides you complete peace of mind during the entire water damage restoration process.

Water Damage Restoration In Basement

Water Damage Restoration In Basement

If your home or business is in Oklahoma, we’re a company that can provide the expert help you need dry out, clean up and restore your home from water damage caused by leaks, floods, or fires.

With a licensed insurance adjuster on staff, RGP can help you understand your claim and communicate with your insurance company.

Whether your water loss is large or small, call the team that cares about your property. Call RGP at 405.701.0064 or 918.671.5915.

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