Board Up Service to Secure Your Property

Board Up Service - RGP Restoration, Construction and Roofing

Board Up Service – RGP Restoration, Construction and Roofing

One of the most devastating events a homeowner or business owner can experience is serious property damage due to fire, storm, burglary, vehicle and/or animal impact, or vandalism. Regardless of the amount of damage that you’ve experienced, your property will need the proper repairs before it is safe again. RGP’s emergency board-up service works in conjunction with local fire departments. We can assist at the fire scene by offering guidance on how to handle a fire and what are the next steps after the fire. We also secure residences and commercial properties to fire and police department standards after an incident.

When your home or business has damage and it is not boarded up, you run the risk of animals or people getting inside and causing more damage, theft, or even injury. If a damaged property were not boarded up, it would be open to the weather conditions so any additional rain, snow, hail, or wind would only make the problem worse. Not only that, but one of the most important reasons for using the board up services from RGP is that if the damaged structure has not been boarded up, any further damage, theft, or injury would become the financial responsibility of the property owner.

What to expect from RGP’s Board-Up Service?

When the crew arrives on scene, you can expect professionals who will care for your property like it was their own. Our crews use the FEMA approved board up technique to minimize damage to your home while providing security to your property. Our employees can guide you through the entire post incident process using their years of experience. They can help you at one of the most difficult times of our life and help you make good decisions on the next step.

Board Up Service Norman Oklahoma

Board Up Service Norman Oklahoma

So when it’s time to secure and/or board-up your property, call RGP Restoration, Construction & Roofing Group at 405.701.0064 or 918.671.5915. We will board-up your property for immediate security and protection, and then we will be there to help you rebuild your property to make you whole again.

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