Residential and Commercial Roofing in Moore, OK

Commercial Roofing Contractor in Moore

Commercial Roofing Contractor in Moore

Although RGP Restoration, Construction & Roofing Group specialize in roofing, construction, and restoration, one area that gives residential and business owners the most concern is roofing. The principals of RGP have been installing and repairing roofs since 1990, and during that time we have extensive experience in new and remodel construction of everything from apartment complexes, commercial buildings, and residential homes. So obviously with new construction that ranges from residential houses, to apartment complexes, and even commercial buildings, we have a broad range of roof installations.

Because one of the Owners of RGP has built a number of apartment complexes, we understand the complexities involved with maintaining and repairing those structures. The team at RGP has experience with the installation of various multi-structured roofs on many buildings, including flat roofs for commercial buildings including single-ply TPO roofing, modified bitumen, tar and gravel, and even commercial roof coatings for flat roofs.

Because one of the Owners of RGP has also built hundreds of single family homes with pitched roofs where we have used everything from asphalt shingles, to slate and tile roof shingles, wood, and even metal roofs. Our vast experience in construction has allowed us to gain a lot of experience in most types of residential roofing, which benefits you, the consumer.

All-in-One Roofing Company For Moore

Residential Roofing Company in Moore OK

Residential Roofing Company in Moore OK

Whether you are looking to repair a damaged roof from a fallen tree, tornado, hail, or severe wind damage from a storm, you can count on the RGP experts to take care of everything for you. When you reach out to our RGP team, we believe that you should know that we have an insurance adjuster on staff that will arrive at your location and begin the complicated inspection process as soon as we arrive. There is no need to call your insurance company initially because we can do the initial inspection process to determine if there is a problem with your roof, and then we will be able to help you with your insurance company. The insurance adjuster at RGP will be in touch with an agent at your insurance company for you, working tirelessly to get the maximum possible amount for any repairs you may need. Our adjuster also has a great eye to see if other collateral damage may have happened to your property. These are items most people, and even other roofing companies, don’t know to look for. You have other things to be dealing with your daily schedule, so the team at RGP will take care of all roofing related needs in a timely manner with minimal inconvenience.

Having a Roofing Expert on Your Side

Residential Roof Installation by RGP

Residential Roof Installation by RGP

One of the advantages to working with the team at RGP is that we have vast experience in both residential and commercial roofing. You don’t want a roofer that does exclusive work on commercial projects working on the roof on your home and vice versa. The team at RGP are experienced in both, and depending on your needs, you will be working with the best roofers for that specific job. It might appear to the laymen that a roof is a roof, but to our team at RGP, we see every roof has a unique design, a different life expectancy, and requires a precise, and sometimes complex installation process. Making use of the right roofing materials can make all the difference, so it is crucial you speak with a roofing team that has the experience and understanding to exceed your expectations.

Diversity in Roofing Projects

Multi-family Roofing by RGP

Multi-family Roofing by RGP

In the 27 years RGP has been servicing commercial and residential roofing needs, our expertise in this particular area continues to grow. Today, the team at RGP can help with roof repairs, re-roofing, or installation of slate roofs, tile roofs, flat roofs, metal roofs, dimensional shingle roofs, cedar shake roofs, and of course asphalt roofs, which are the most predominant type of roof for most residences in Moore, Oklahoma. RGP roofers can install or repair the roof on a residential home, or on a storage facility, apartment complex, church, or retail building. The reason we have been in business for so many years is we understand and clearly explain to each customer specifics pertaining to their roofing needs, from the costs of materials, appropriate application, and life expectancy of the raw materials. It takes true roofing professionals to provide exceptional workmanship while meeting the unique needs of each client, and that is exactly what we at RGP strive to do with each roofing customer that we serve.

Understanding Your Roofing Needs

RGP - Commercial Roofers

RGP – Commercial Roofers

When you speak to the installation team at RGP roofing, we will discuss with you all your options as far as materials, different styles, and colors available. All roofing companies can access the raw roofing materials, so the only thing that separates one roofing company from the next is their workmanship, service, and dedication to customer satisfaction. This should be priority number one, and the RGP roofing installation and repair team excels in this area year after year. Every roof installer on the team is licensed and has a stellar reputation in our community. The RGP team will discuss all warranty information, making sure to cover all bases so you will not be left in the dark during the entire installation or repair process.

The team at RGP knows that most roofing companies will struggle to make it to their third year before closing up shop. What good is that warranty if the roofing contractor is long gone? You can trust that the team at RGP is here for your roofing needs today, tomorrow and for another 30 years to come, and we will honor that warranty if that time ever comes.

Call RGP Roofing for All Your Residential and Commercial Roofing Needs

Call RGP Roofing at 405.701.0064 for all your residential and commercial roofing needs in Moore, Oklahoma. We have the vast experience in roofing and construction to make sure you get the roof you need to safely protect your home or business. We are well established in the Oklahoma City Metro area, and throughout the state of Oklahoma. We will be the last roofer you will ever need, and we look forward to serving you in the near future.

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