Choosing The Right Remodeling Company in Norman

The decision to undertake a remodeling of your home is never one to take lightly, and for most people it is something they have planned and saved for over many years. It should be an exciting project and one that brings a lot of joy, excitement, and pleasure to any homeowner.

Residential Exterior Remodeling Norman OK

Residential Exterior Remodeling Norman OK

Unfortunately, we have all heard and read about the horror stories associated with remodeling and choosing the right remodeling company to complete the work. Here at the RPG Restoration, Construction and Roofing Group, we have established an excellent reputation over many years for completing remodeling projects of all sizes. We have successfully completed projects ranging from entire apartment complex remodels, to remodeling individual homes, to rental properties and even individual rooms in your home like a kitchen or bathroom.

As a company who takes the time and effort to ensure that all of our work is to the highest possible standard, it can be frustrating when other remodeling companies further tarnish the reputation of our great industry. The purpose of this blog post is to guide and assist you in how to complete your due diligence and select the remodeling company for your Norman home or business that will deliver on its promises and give you a property to be proud of for many years to come.

Speak To Local Designers and Seek Their Recommendations

Unless you are a creative expert, the likelihood is that you will employ a local designer to help you create your dream renovation or remodeling project. A designer by their very nature will want to ensure that their design is built to the exact requirements, and consequently, they will know which remodeling companies to recommend in the Norman area. They are certainly never going to recommend a remodeling company that delivers substandard work, as that would reflect poorly on both their reputation and the final result.

Interior Designer with RGP Remodeling

Interior Designer with RGP Remodeling

At RPG Restoration, Construction and Roofing Group, we have established excellent working relationships with a large number of designers in the local community. The designers have worked with us on numerous occasions and know that our work is always of the highest standards. Word of mouth advertising is one of the most powerful methods of growing a business, and that is only further emphasized when it comes from a fellow industry professional.  By speaking to a local designer, you are benefiting from their design expertise, their local knowledge, and leveraging their interest in growing and developing their reputation.  Call RGP at 405.701.0064 for references from local designers that we have worked with in the past.

We also have experience in design from our extensive experience in building new construction, remodeling, and restoration throughout the years. As a result, if you are not planning on hiring an interior designer or an architect, RGP does have design specialists on staff that can help you put plan the perfect remodeling project for your home, business, or even entire multi-family property. We have also helped landlords with the total remodel of rental properties with design ideas and styles that are phenomenal and can make your property look like it is new.

Do Some Independent Research of Your Own For Remodeling Companies in Norman

One of the easiest ways for a remodeling or construction company to gain some essentially free advertising is to place their company signs outside the properties where they are currently working. Take a drive around Norman and make a note of the various companies and locations where you see these signs.

RGP Remodeling Yard Sign

RGP Remodeling Yard Sign

Periodically drive past and keep track of how quickly the work is progressing. Are the builders hard at work, or always standing around appearing to do very little? Does the site appear tidy and safe, with adequate precautions taken to ensure that a child couldn’t wander into a dangerous situation by accident? Does the quality of the work appear to be of a high standard?  At RGP safety is our number one priority, followed by attention to detail, delivering a high-quality finish, and causing the least amount of disruption to our clients. Provided we are given permission by the owners, we will always display our company signs outside of our projects because we are proud of the standard and quality of our work and the way in which that work is carried out. All RGB sites that are being remodeled are operated to the highest safety standards, which is why we are so enthusiastic about displaying our company name outside every one of our sites. If fact, we might suggest that if a company is not willing to put their name on a job they are completing, then surely that demonstrates that they are not proud to be associated with that work.

What Experience Do The Other Norman Renovation Companies Have?

Builders and construction companies come in all shapes and sizes. Some remodeling companies are single individuals who specialize in smaller, less complicated jobs, while other companies have large numbers of specialist staff, and have the capability and flexibility to deal with every possible situation that could arise. A good example of this might be the electrician, who has taught himself how to tile, or the carpenter that can also do some painting.

Complete Remodel - Twin Creek Apartments

Complete Remodel – Twin Creek Apartments

Although this is commendable when it comes to spending the significant sum of money on the renovation or remodeling project of your dreams, doesn’t it make sense to have an expert performing each task? At RGB we have been in the remodeling, restoration and construction business since 2003. In that time we have dealt with a broad range of different construction projects ranging from a simple remodel of a kitchen all the way through to building and remodeling entire apartment complexes. We have worked extensively with real estate investors who value our experience and expertise and demand a pristine finish, to maximize their investment.

This gives us an unparalleled advantage that few other construction companies serving the Norman, Oklahoma area can match. Unless you are a real estate investor, the likelihood is that the remodel or renovation you are currently planning for your home will be the only one you ever contemplate. Why take the risk of dealing with a small company that has neither the resources nor the broad expertise that RGB has. This is your personal property you are working on, so invest in the best, and reap the rewards.

If you are looking for a remodeling company that can handle larger projects like the renovation and remodeling of your office building or multifamily property, RGP can and has completed these projects as well. While we have the capacity to complete larger renovation or remodeling projects, we still communicate and work with our clients on a very personal and detailed manner.

Remodeling in Norman With a Dedicated Customer Service Team

Commercial Interior Remodeling in Norman OK

Commercial Interior Remodeling in Norman OK

Ensure that whatever company you employ has a dedicated customer service team that you are given direct access to. This direct connection is important both for your peace of mind, and to ensure continuity. At RGP we see our customer service team as one of the most important parts of the process, which is why we invest so heavily in them.

If you have any questions or concerns, about the various services that RGP can offer you, why not give our friendly and helpful customer services team a call today at 405.701.0064. Once our company starts work on your premises, the customer services team will be there to walk you through every step of the process and answer any questions you might have. We have helped hundreds of homeowners, businesses, and property managers in the past, and can provide the reassurance and answers that you need to hear. At RGP we treat all of our clients as partners and are more than happy to take the time to explain and discuss ideas and processes, before, during and after the construction.  With RGP you can hire us with confidence and surety with the knowledge that we always look after our clients and their properties. Call RGP at 405.701.0064 for all your renovation and remodeling needs in Norman, Oklahoma.

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